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RE: Student Portal IDs



Dear ISD Parent:


The following portal ID(s) have been assigned so you can access student information:


        Portal ID                 Student Name

        {PORTAL_ID1}                        {STUDENT_NAME1}

        {PORTAL_ID2}                        {STUDENT_NAME2}

        {PORTAL_ID3}                        {STUDENT_NAME3}

        {PORTAL_ID4}                        {STUDENT_NAME4}

        {PORTAL_ID5}                        {STUDENT_NAME5}                

        {PORTAL_ID6}                        {STUDENT_NAME6}

        {PORTAL_ID7}                        {STUDENT_NAME7}

        {PORTAL_ID8}                        {STUDENT_NAME8}

        {PORTAL_ID9}                        {STUDENT_NAME9}


Please use these portal IDs by following the instructions under "New User ?" at the following website: https://edencisd.net/ click on the parent tab and follow directions on parent txConnect. 


Please contact the school at (325) 869-4121 f you have questions or concerns.






Elementary Principal, Rebecca Bunger


High School Principal, Mis